Well, Bozi and I had a big day last Thursday. Early in the morning our lisa-mom packed us in the car and took us for a ride. She told us to say goodbye to Brasen, but we didn’t really know what she was talking about, so we just told him that we’d be back later to play with the Squeaky Mouse.   

Lisa-mom drove us to downtown Denver and we saw all kinds of very tall buildings. I’m pretty sure that Bozi and I could climb them, but lisa-mom never gave us a chance to get out of our carrier. A bald guy named Chris came to talk with lisa-mom. She introduced us to Chris-guy and told him that Bozi was a talker and that he would talk all the way, hee-hee. She said that I was a sweetie and very quiet. She then told Chris that the papers that Carrie needed were in the bag that she gave him. We wondered if she meant Carrie-mom, but we couldn’t see her anywhere. Chris-guy took us to his house, and just a little while later we saw Carrie-mom walking in the door!  We couldn’t figure out how she knew where to find us but we were glad to see a familiar face. She got us out and held each of us and told us that we were going to our new home in California. She gave us kisses and cuddles and told us how happy she and Eric-dad were to have us join their family. She talked about someone named Corky-boo, but we didn’t know who that was. 

Carrie-mom put us in a new container and then walked us out to another car. This was our 3rd car ride of the day. Bozi was pretty vocal letting her know that he didn’t like being in the carrier, so she let us out in the car. That was a lot of fun, we busily explored every nook and cranny of this new car. Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last, because only 1 block later Carrie-mom said that we were too curious and that wasn’t safe for us, so back in to the carrier we went. Bozi did NOT like that and boy, did he let Carrie-mom know. He didn’t stop talking until we got to what Carrie-mom called the airport when she let us out in the (now parked) car to play for a little while.  Our lisa-mom had packed a few toys for us, which Carrie-mom gave to us. We even got a brand-new squeaky-mouse!!! Bozi was so happy, he just purred and purred. He really likes the squeaky mouse and carries it around in his mouth. I like scrunchy balls better. After a few minutes of play time, Carrie-mom told us we had to get back into the carrier so we could catch our plane. We didn’t know what that was, but it sounded pretty important. 

After a lot of walking, Carrie-mom got us out of our carrier again so that we could go through what she called “security”. That was a lot of fun, because there were all these people that told us how cute we were. We liked that. Loads of people asked Carrie-mom what kind of kitties we were, and she told them that we were Norwegian Forest Cats and she told them all about lisa-mom.   

We then got to ride an underground train, and then after a lot of walking we got to our gate for the plane. The lady at the gate told Carrie-mom that the plane was full and that she couldn’t get on. This made Carrie-mom very sad, because she was worried about us. They weren’t very nice or helpful – they said there were “weather delays” and “equipment changes” and there was nothing they could do to help us out.  They were being particularly rude at one point when Carrie-mom put us up on the counter so they could hear Bozi crying to be let out of the container. She told them she didn’t mind being delayed as a person, but that she had two little kittens with her and she needed to get them home. That seemed to soften them up a bit and they agreed to let us have a room all to ourselves until our flight. 

Carrie-mom took us to the room and let us out right away. What a cool room it was – there was a big drain in the middle of the floor that Bozi and I kept sniffing.  Carrie-mom shooed us away from the drain, saying it was smelly, but we thought it was cool. There was also a toilet in the room with no lid – which meant we could stand on the edge and bat at the water. Carrie-mom told us to be careful because we wouldn’t be happy if we got all wet. The coolest thing, though, was this big silver box that hung on the wall. Bozi is bigger than me, so he could reach it from the counter. He got his front two paws on it and was trying to get his back paw on when Plop! he fell right in.  Carrie-mom laughed and then grabbed him out. She said something like “This is terrible, we’re going to the Admiral’s Club”, popped us back into our carrier and took us for another walk and train ride. 

Well, we liked the Admiral’s Club – the nice lady at the front desk said we could go anywhere we wanted, so when Carrie-mom let us out we decided we could cover more ground if we went opposite directions. Carrie-mom laughed again, caught us both and then let us out one at a time so she could follow us around. It seemed like some people were pretty surprised to see us peeking at them. We got loads more compliments “What beautiful kittens”. Eventually, Carrie-mom decided the easiest place to take us was the bathroom, where she could let us both out at the same time and keep an eye on us. We liked the bathroom, our scruncy ball and squeaky mouse sure do fly across the floor. The best part was all the visitors that came to see us. They would come in the main door and then go into the little rooms. I made sure they were all okay by following them into the little rooms and peeking at them under the door. Carrie-mom said to leave them alone, that it wasn’t nice to peek at them like that, but they all laughed and said it was okay. Carrie-mom began warning everyone that came in that we would visit them in the little room, which made everyone laugh. 

Carrie-mom then got out our food and said that we were lucky that lisa-mom loved us so much and sent us with food and toys. She fed us twice and played with us for hours on the bathroom floor.  After a while, Carrie-mom said that it was time for us to catch our plane, and she bundled us back in to the carrier and we went back to the gate. We did get on to the plane this time, and Carrie-mom put us under her seat.  The plane was kind of noisy and scary, but we could see her feet and she unzipped the very top of the carrier so she could see us and pet us. We decided this was a good time to sleep, since we’d been playing all day. Pretty soon, Carrie-mom was taking us out from under the seat and we walked again to another car. She said that we were almost there and that this was going to be a short ride this time. In a few minutes the car stopped and Carrie-mom took us out of the car and we went into a house. As soon as we got in the door someone said “They’re here – the kitties are here!” and lots of people came to see us. We saw our Eric-dad and got to meet Carrie’s mom Doris, her sister Andrea, Andrea’s husband Tommy, and a really short person called Sage.  They all wanted to hold us, but we wanted to explore everywhere. We could tell there was another cat in the house and we found a door we weren’t allowed behind, for now.  Carrie-mom said that after a while we’d get to meet Corky. 

We got more food and water and there were lots of new toys to play with. After a few hours of playing and exploring, we got kind of sleepy, so Eric-dad and Carrie-mom laid down with us at the top of the stairs, where Bozi had fallen asleep. I still miss my mom, Shira, my Lisa-mom, Brasen, Makana, and Regalo, but I’ve got my brother Bozi with me and these people seem pretty nice.


(thanks to Diara and Boz's Carrie-mom for delivering this letter from Diara to me!) 

2004 Carrie Ask


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