We’ve been too busy playing and exploring our house to take time to write, but Cazna reminded me (Azhure) that we hadn’t written in weeks. So I thought I’d take a few minutes to say hello to all of you.

We’re almost eight weeks old now. Because we’re so big, we get to do whatever we want! That mostly means we play a lot and eat tons of cat food. Well, we don’t get to eat as much of the wet food as we might like most days because we have to push our Shira-mom and cousin Talia out of the way. Lisa-mom calls them the piggy girls. I can’t complain, though, because there’s always lots of food around. Lisa-mom moved the water fountain down where we could get to it, too. I like to watch the water.

Cazna is still the littlest one of us. She’s a crazy girl who loves to attack Uncle Zeke’s tail. Uncle Zeke jumps and then he turns around, holds her down with a paw, and grooms her until she behaves. Of course, that only lasts until he lets her get back up. Then she’s right back into trouble. She’s the independent type and likes to sleep in our toy basket all by herself. But sometimes we join her. It’s a little lumpy, but it’s really nice to wake up and have our toys right there to play with.

The biggest is Niah. Lisa-mom says she looks like big brother Tantris. And that she’s almost as fat as him. They (Niah and Tantris) say they’re not fat, they’re fluffy! And they are very fluffy. They’re so fluffy they look like they’re round. Niah’s new mom and dad came to visit yesterday. They played with all of us – it was a lot of fun. But the only one they made cuddle was Niah. At first Niah was too busy for cuddles, but later she fell asleep while her new mom was holding her. Lisa-mom says I have a new mom, too, but she lives too far away to come visit me. That’s okay, though, ‘cause we have lots of visitors.

Just a few days ago, some of lisa-mom’s friends came over. They brought some little boys with them and those boys played and played with us. I think they had even more energy than we did! After awhile Axis, Zara, and I fell asleep under the table. We’d had enough playing. But it was just a short nap and we played with them some more before they left. One of the boys picked me up in our tunnel and squished the tunnel so I couldn’t escape. He almost squished me, too, but lisa-mom made him stop. I don’t think he was trying to hurt me, but it was a little scary. Still, I gave him another chance and he was nice to me then.

Zara and I are taking turns hiding from lisa-mom. We’re not telling where we hide ‘cause you might tell her. We hear her calling our names and we just laugh to ourselves. Then when she gives up, we come strolling out like we were right there all the time. She calls us bad kitties, but we’re not bad – we’re just playing hide and seek. Is it our fault she gives up too easy? Zara says she feels a little bit bad about it, so she purrs like crazy when lisa-mom pets her.

Faraday tries to pretend she is such a lady. She’s always posing and acting like she’s special. But we all know better. She likes to play and have adventures as much as the rest of us. She just looks like a fancy lady. When Niah’s mom and dad came to visit, the dad was waving a glittery teaser at Faraday. She kept jumping at it and would end up hanging from the bottom perch of our cat tree like a monkey. Then she’d pull herself all the way up and jump after the teaser. She looked pretty funny and lisa-mom was laughing at her.

I think Axis is the best behaved of all of us. He never hides (almost never, that is) and he doesn’t pick on Uncle Zeke and Shadow-dad. And he doesn’t even bite Shira-mom’s ears and tail. The rest of us think he’s giving us a bad name. He does play a lot and he runs really fast. He likes to pretend he’s a tough guy. He gets all puffed up and prances around sideways acting like he’s going to attack us. That makes our lisa-mom laugh, too. It sorta hurts his feelings when she laughs at him – he thinks he looks so ferocious and laughter is not the result he was hoping for!

The rest of my sisters and my brother are taking their nap right now, but they said to send you their purrs.



(--> Cat Tails, Pg24)

2003 lisa s vasa


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