Things have been a bit busy and, if I do say so myself, scary around here lately. You see, there's been a lot of talk about LEAVING, then some of the other cats are gone. Now I'm hearing my name (I'm Kyrith) mentioned when my lisa-mom says the "L" word.

It started with Desi. We were all playing and happy one morning, then next thing you know, a lady comes to our house. We'd met her before when she came to visit and play with us. We like visitors -- they sit on the floor to play with us and lisa-mom gets out the good toys. Visitors are good. But then she picked up Desi, put her in one of those plastic boxes that we go to the vet in, and left!

I thought maybe she'd be back with Desi later. After all, we don't stay at the vet place. But no. Lisa-mom said the lady is Desi's new Renae-mom and Desi lives with her and our big brother Vasek now. She even showed us a picture of Desi and Vasek and they looked pretty happy together. I guess Vasek needed a little sister to keep him company.

That's when lisa-mom said that Adia, Brasen, Shya, and I would be LEAVING soon, too.

Shya decided she'd start saying goodbye to everyone. She played with Lira. She snuggled with Brasen. She cuddled in bed at night with lisa-mom and Ken-dad. She begged Talia-mom for one more milk snack. She talked Zeke into giving her baths. She took naps with Fiala. When she wasn't overcome with the urge to play, play, PLAY (that happens a lot with Shya) she was saying goodbye.

Me, I thought if I just started paying more attention to lisa-mom and purring for her, maybe she wouldn't send me away. She'd love me so much I'd get to stay here with my friends and family. So that's what I did.

Then Adia left. Another lady -- this time someone we'd never met -- came and took her away. I didn't mind so much because Adia used to hiss at me a lot. She was only here for a few weeks (she used to live with another family but she came back to live at LostWoods for a little while.) But before she left, she told us that LEAVING wasn't really so bad. In fact, she said, it was pretty good because you didn't have to share your food and your toys and your beds with so many other cats. And your people had more time to spend cuddling and playing with just you. She told us she was excited about going to live with a new family and not having to put up with all the little kittens around here.

The very next morning after Adia left, two ladies showed up with another of those carrier things. We'd met one of them before and the other seemed nice, too. But I didn't like it much when they put Shya in the carrier and took her out the door. I was already missing Desi and now Shya was gone. Who was I supposed to play with?! I mean, the big cats are fun and all, but it's not like having a sister or brother to play with. I've been playing with the little babies even though they don't play very well yet. They are getting better -- I've been teaching them games like run and pounce. But I really miss my sisters.

So I've been working even harder at convincing lisa-mom I need to stay here. I sleep with her and Ken-dad every night. I sleep right between them and I purr as loud as I can. For a little bit I snuggle with Ken-dad, then I snuggle with lisa-mom. I go back and forth to make sure they both know I love them. Then in the afternoons when I take my naps, I sleep by lisa-mom. If she's sitting still I sleep on the chair by her. But if she's busy in the house I just follow her from room to room and sleep wherever I can. I wish she'd sit still more!

But I don't think my plan is working. Yesterday, a man and a lady came to visit our house. They scooped me up and gave me snuggles and told me how beautiful I am. (Don't they know that boys are handsome?!) Lisa-mom says they are my new Bill-dad and Kaye-mom. They are coming back to get me today. I'm kinda nervous about this. Don't get me wrong -- I like them. They were really nice to me and I think they like me, too. And it would be good not to have to share my toys and food. But it's scary to think of going away. Lisa-mom says I'll be very, very loved. But I already love my lisa-mom and know she loves me. I don't want to say goodbye and leave. Maybe my new mom and dad could just stay here with me.

Brasen is nervous, too. Lisa-mom says he is LEAVING on Sunday. Brasen has lived at LostWoods a long time (well, a year and a half -- that's a long time to me!) and lisa-mom has talked about him LEAVING before. But she's never made him do it. She just takes him on trips to cat shows and then brings him home again. Still, he thinks she means it this time. He's not sure what he's going to do. He says maybe he'll hide when people come to the house with carriers. But he also says if lisa-mom would let him take his favorite teasers with him, it might be worth it to leave just so he doesn't have to let pesky kittens play with it. He never liked it when Shya played with his teaser. She'd steal it and growl at everyone like she thought it was all hers.

Brasen says LEAVING is just part of growing up at LostWoods. He's seen lots of kittens leave. Lisa-mom shows him pictures and tells him about how happy they are with their new moms and dads. So he and I are hoping she's not just telling us stories. But today's the big day, so I guess I'll know for sure soon.







(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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