Christmas Colonial Village located in Colorado was the scene of a horrible attack last night. When investigators arrived on the scene early this morning, they found numerous citizens bruised and flustered from the ambush. One innocent child who had been happily skating one moment found herself falling off a cliff and landing in a snow bank far below.

The minister waits with the skater for help to arrive.

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"Luckily the snow padded my landing or I'd have been broken in pieces," said the stunned child. "A kind minister jumped off the cliff after me to make sure I was okay and stayed with me until authorities arrived to carry us back to town. I was sure glad to see him because it was really scary down there by myself. I was afraid the monster would come back and eat me."

The town watchman was also hurt in the incident, although is expected to recover fully from his injuries.


"I was standing near the gazebo listening to the band play Christmas carols when a big furry monster came flying through the air and landed on the street in front of the town park. The band members toppled over, several trees were uprooted and Santa himself was knocked out by the impact. I've never seen anything like it!" he exclaimed.

Santa & the night watchman knocked out in the town square.

Santa and the band members were only knocked over and bruised, but the tambourine player says that ever since the accident the skating pond seems to have moved and it's sure cold having to stand on the ice to play. The conductor says that the tambourine player must have hit her head when she fell as the pond is where it always was.   

The Salvation Army Band lying beside the overturned Christmas tree.


Investigators found pawprints in the snow in the town park, streets dug up, and a number of trees appearing to have been clawed, leading them to believe the legendary Catzilla had paid a visit to the town.

The town square -- scene of the crime.


The only fatality in the attack was one of the veterinarian's horses. "I was making my way into town from a call out in the country when an immense cat-like paw swatted my horses and caused us all to fall off the cliff at the edge of town. My wagon landed on its side and I was trapped inside until rescuers found us. I tried to save my horses, but only one of them survived. It's a tragedy. And the worst part of all is I believe it was intentional. I heard purring from town as I was lying in the snow waiting for help to arrive.." The veterinarian just shook his head as if he couldn't quite believe what had happened.

The overturned veterinarian's wagon.


The paw prints and tree damage indicate that the rampaging feline then made his or her way into the residential section of town, however the only injured resident was a small puppy named Spot who was found lying near a stone fence in front of his yard. The puppy is suffering from shock, but was not injured physically.

Spot the dog near his front fence.


Investigators speculate that the attack was a preemptive strike against the veterinarian as there had been talk of an upcoming visit to his office earlier in the day. Several suspects have been identified and are being questioned. If charged and convicted, the marauding cat(s) may be sent to jail and deprived of their Christmas turkey.

Interviewing witnesses.


Christmas Colonial Village on a quieter day.

Story & pictures courtesy of the Colonial Village News

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