Too many cats sleep in my bed!  

I never thought I’d say that. Ken and I have a king-sized bed and even when we had 8 kittens and several adult cats sleeping with us, we seemed to have enough room. But not now.

It is all Fin’s fault. And how, you might ask, could one little two pound kitten be the cause of us having too little space to sleep in our own bed? Well, it’s like this. Fin has decided that he must sleep at the top of the bed between Ken and me. In the past, we’ve taught the kittens that they should sleep on the fleece blanket at the foot of the bed. Or maybe they’ve just decided that they like the fleece blanket better and they let us think we’ve trained them. Either way, that’s where they’ve slept.

As the kittens become adults, most of them have left for new homes, but the few we’ve kept have continued to sleep at the foot of the bed. Occasionally Kefira and Dilan will decide they want to sleep under the covers – Kefira between Ken and me; Dilan on the other side of me. This they learned when they were babies and Ken would let them sleep in the “dad cave” under the blankets when he was reading or watching tv in bed. But even they usually sleep at the foot of the bed most of the time.

Zeke is the only cat who consistently wants to sleep at the top of the bed. He wants to sleep up next to my chest. And so I let him. It’s better than being treated to his claws pulling at the covers by my neck.

Shira doesn’t sleep with us at all. Oh, once in a rare while she’ll come in and sleep by my feet for an hour or two in the morning. Peanut lives in the stud quarters for now – although I’m hoping when he’s neutered he’ll behave and get run of the house again. Lira Bug is a rare visitor to the bed, but she too is perfectly happy to sleep by my feet when she does join us. Talia usually sleeps under the bed.

So how does this all translate to no room in bed? I mean, if you count them up we have Kalispell, Kefira, and Dilan all sleeping contentedly at the foot of the bed, Zeke sleeping by my chest, and little Fin insisting he should sleep between Ken and me. Five cats, two adults, one king sized bed. No problem.

Ha! Talia has decided that instead of having babies, she’ll just adopt Fin. And that means she must sleep on the bed – between Ken and me, just like Fin. Kalispell, who is currently thinking about becoming a mom-cat, has decided to mother anyone she can, so she, too, wants to sleep by Talia and Fin and groom them. At the top of the bed. Between Ken and me. Zeke, of course, is sleeping by me. And Dilan thought last night would be a great time for sleeping under the covers on the other side of me. With Kefira sleeping at the foot of the bed, I couldn’t move without lying on or kicking a cat. Yes, the chorus of purrs surrounding me was lovely, but I couldn’t move!

If this keeps up, someone is going to have to give up sleeping in our bed. I wonder if Ken will mind moving to the guest room? (Just kidding, honey!)


(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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