Well, here we are. Uncle Fin said we had to write a letter and introduce ourselves to everyone. We asked, "why?" He said that they would be disappointed if we didn't write. We asked who "they" were and he told us "everyone". Now that sounds kinda silly to us, but then our sister Kalispell, Aunt Bug, and Uncle Spaz (his real name is Dilan but nobody ever calls him that) said the same thing. They all had to write letters -- it's just what LostWoods kittens do. Our Kefira-mom said she had to write a letter, but if we just wanted to stay in lisa-mom's bedroom for awhile longer, we could write our letter later. But we decided that we might as well just do it.

You know, it's not that we don't want to say hi, but well, we like it in our room and we have to go all the way downstairs to write letters. Uncle Fin teases us and says he went downstairs and wrote his letter when he was only five weeks old and here we are -- seven weeks old! But he also says his Shira-mom used to leave him all alone in lisa-mom and Ken-dad's room and he got bored and lonely. So, of course, he couldn't wait to go downstairs! Our Kefira-mom is the best mom in the whole world! She almost never leaves us alone. She stays in the room with us all day long. And if we do go downstairs or in the bedroom across the hall, she goes with us. She says she just wants to be sure that we don't get hurt and she worries that we'll get hungry if she's not around. We have yummy food to eat, so we don't know why she worries about us getting hungry, but she's always calling us to come eat. And we do. Sometimes Uncle Fin tries to sneak in and have a snack with us. Kefira-mom lets him but lisa-mom takes him away and tells him he's too big for that. All the more for us, we say!

Oh, yeah, we're supposed to be introducing ourselves... Well, we decided that we all had to write this together because nobody was willing to miss out on any fun that might happen while he or she was writing. So we'll go one at a time.

I'm Catriona. I look like I'm the smallest, but I'm not. Keegan is. I like to pose like an angel for lisa-mom and sometimes I just stare up at her 'cause I love her. She thinks I'm such a sweet little girl, so she's always surprised when I do something adventurous. (Well, she says naughty, but really I'm just exploring my world. That's how I learn!) I love to play with the orange mouse and feathery teasers. The glittery teaser isn't really that much fun, so I usually ignore it. I also like to climb on lisa-mom's clothes in the closet, then take naps on them. Lisa-mom's lap is another good spot for naps -- if she'd just sit still more often!

It's my turn now! I'm Keegan. And just because I'm littler than Cati doesn't mean I'm a wimp or anything. Well, sure, I'm careful. I really like to look things over before I get mixed up in something. But that's just sensible, isn't it? I love to play with furry toys and the little plastic flower that makes rattly noises. Oh, and I like to wrestle with Cati and Keiran. I purr more than anyone and my purr is really loud. I start purring the second lisa-mom touches me -- unless I'm busy playing a game or something.

I guess I get to go last. Uncle Spaz says girls are like that -- they always want to be first. But I was first to climb out of our little bed. And I was first to climb up on lisa-mom and Ken-dad's bed. And I was first to go downstairs all by myself. So there, girls! I love lisa-mom's lap and would be on it almost all the time. When I was littler I would sit on her lap and play. Now I like to run around and climb and wrestle. All that's sorta hard to do while I'm sitting on her lap. So I save lap sitting for when I'm ready for a nap. I'm already learning to jump and grab teasers out of the air. The girls forget to look up for teasers, but I don't. I know what lisa-mom and Ken-dad are doing -- they're trying to trick me. But I'm smarter than that! Oh, my name? I'm Keiran.

So that's all of us. We hope you liked our letter and aren't disappointed with us. We're new to this writing stuff so we weren't really sure what to say. Maybe when we get older we'll write another letter, just in case you'd like to hear from us again.


Cati, Keegan, and Keiran

(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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