Better Late Than Never!

We are in SOOOO much trouble! Everyone has been telling us it's time to introduce ourselves. They've been telling us that for weeks and weeks. We kept saying we'd do it, but there's always something more fun to do than sneaking into the office and writing. And now we're almost 12 weeks old and we still haven't said hello. You all probably think we're stupid or something -- that we don't know how to write stories. And we're NOT! We are every bit as smart as all the rest of the kittens at LostWoods! Maybe we're even smarter because we've avoided having to sit here getting our paws all tired trying to type. Do you know how hard it is to type with a paw? Not easy! It's even harder because Rand snuck in here with us and he keeps batting at whoever is typing. So we're going to take turns writing while the other three distract him. We hope that will work. And we're sorry we didn't write sooner. Well, a little bit anyway.  

My name is Keona Nevada. I was the first born, so I am going first. I'm the friendliest one of the family. I'm the one who goes running first when I hear lisa-mom come home from work and I'm the one who spends the most time upstairs in her and Ken-dad's bedroom  For awhile I liked to sleep on the bed or in the dad-cave, but I've been too busy lately for that. Besides, Izzy found a cave that is always open (sometimes the dad-cave is closed) but I'll let her tell you about that. You know how we said there was always something fun to do? Well, my favorite things to do are climb up on the table, find ways to get on the counter, chase the little red fairy (when Taiba and Basia will let me!), and jump really high in the air after the feather teasers. And sometimes I watch tv with Ken-dad. I don't much like the big crazy dog, but I don't hide when I see him any more. I just sit and watch him really, really close in case he decides to eat me -- then I'll run and hide.

Well, I'm not waiting for the dog to decide to eat me! I hide right away so he can't get me! Oh! I guess I should tell you who I am. I'm Natane Wynter. Lisa-mom thought I was a boy for a long time. Can you imagine?! I am most definitely NOT a boy. She keeps talking about some fairy coming and that's why I'm a girl, but I can tell you, I haven't seen any fairies except the little red fairy -- and I was a girl long before the little red fairy came to our house. Silly lisa-mom! But I do like chasing the little red fairy and when it runs up the wall in the living room, I jump up to try to catch it. I never do catch it though. That fairy is pretty quick. We never catch it. lisa-mom says I'm shy, but really I'm just cautious. I like people, but I want to go to them, not have them just scoop me up off the floor whenever they want. I mean, they interrupt some important things -- like my hunt for milk carton rings. I just know if I look long enough I'll find one before Rand and Basia get them all. Rand is really bad -- he won't share his milk carton rings at all. Meany! But there are tons of fun toys in our house, so for now I just play with the balls that roll really fast on the floor. lisa-mom says I'm a soccer player. Don't know quite what that is, but whatever. Playing with balls is a lot of fun. 

It's my turn now. I'm tired of wrestling with Rand. He gets kinda rough sometimes and then I have to yelp. I'm his favorite wrestling partner, I think. I can't wait til I'm big so I can get him. My name is Isadora Chione, but everyone calls me Izzy or Busy Miss Izzy. I'm silly and goofy and I love people like Keona does. I don't like to jump as much as she does, but I do run after the little red fairy when it's on the floor. My favorite toys, though, are the glittery and fuzzy balls we have around the house. I love to wrestle with them and bite them and send them flying across the floor, then I jump on them and do it all over again. My other favorite thing to do is going exploring. I'm the one who learned how to get up in the window in the laundry room -- I used to sleep in the window, but I don't any more. I learned how to get on the window perch in the cat room sooner than everyone else, too. And I found a cave! It's in lisa-mom's and Ken-dad's room, but it never closes, like the dad-cave does. We can go up there and hide and sleep any time we want. It's under this big thing that lisa-mom puts her clothes in and she can't get us when we're under there. Well, if she tries really hard, she can, but usually she just tricks us by waving around teasers and calling for the "babies" so we think she's going to give us our yummy wet food. And it usually works. We love toys and wet food.  

Ohanna Ariane here. How are you? I'm the last one of us -- the last born, but not the smallest or the quietest. I'm the cuddliest! I like to give snuggles when I'm sleepy. Okay, lately, I haven't been that snuggly, 'cause like everyone else says, we have way too many things to do to slow down for cuddles. But I've been thinking about cuddling more again. Maybe. I'm a good climber, so getting up on lisa-mom's and Ken-dad's bed is really easy for me. So is getting up on the couch -- not just to the blanket-cave, but also on top the blanket-cave. In fact, I think I really like sleeping on TOP the blanket-cave best. It's really squishy and soft there. I also like sleeping on the table and looking for yummy things to eat on the kitchen counter. We get in trouble when we do that, but I don't really care. I just give lisa-mom my cute look and she picks me up, gives me kisses and puts me on the floor. I tell you -- the cute look works every time. Lisa-mom has me in training to be a show cat. I wonder if the cute look works on judges? I'm going to tell Keona about it and she can try it out, too, 'cause she's going to live with our Beau-dad's Brenda-mom in Colorado and go to shows when she's big.  

Okay, I've had enough of this writing stuff. I hope I don't have to write at cat shows 'cause it makes my paws tired. Keona, Natane, and Izzy say to tell you goodbye and invite you to visit us sometime. We'll show you how we can run, and jump, and climb, and maybe we'll even give you a snuggle. (But don't count on that snuggle part unless we're sleepy!) 


Ohanna, Keona, Natane, and Isadora

(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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