Okay, We'll Write!

For weeks now our Kefira-mom has been telling us we have to write our story. Uncle Spaz said so, too. Our big sister Natane said we better write and then she swatted us. Auntie Kali – who is one of our favorite and is usually really, really nice to us – told us to write or we’d be in trouble. And still we didn’t. Then Kefira-mom told us that we’d be letting down the whole world and she’d be VERY disappointed in us if we didn’t tell our story. So we decided we better do it.

But you know, we are very busy boys. There are so many things to do at our house. We have a bunch of cat trees to climb (we like sleeping at the top of the big cat tree), we have all kinds of things to scratch (but not the couch, ‘cause then lisa-mom yells at us), we have lots of food to eat (please, lisa-mom, give us more wet food – we love it!), we have big cats to snuggle with and attack (especially our Kefira-mom and Auntie Kali), and we have lots and lots and lots of toys to play with. We have so many toys we haven’t even played with all of them. But we’re trying.

Smoke’s favorite toys are things that roll around. He likes to carry balls around in his mouth and take them where there’s lot of room to bat them around. Lisa-mom says he could be a good soccer player ‘cause he’s really good at batting the ball back and forth between his front paws as he runs through the room. He really likes teasers, too. I’ve learned that I have to get out of the way when teasers are involved, otherwise he’ll jump right on top of me. He doesn’t care at all where he’s jumping!

Hey, wait! You get to play with teasers, too. I don’t always jump on you. You make me sound really selfish. I let you play with the teasers and toys, too. And when we’re playing with the little red fairy, I even take turns with you. I shouldn’t because you’re always so slow to chase her, but I do. I just sit there and wait and wait and wait until you’ve had a chance to chase her and then I take my turn after that.

Oh, right. Like you wait to take a turn until I’m done. Usually you go first and you’re just resting up from chasing after the fairy. It’s not like you’re letting me play first and for as long as I want before you jump in.

It’s not my fault that you just sit there looking at it. You know, if we don’t get busy playing with the fairy, Natane will and she’ll run right over the top of us!  

You guys need to get back to writing your story. You’re not supposed to be arguing! What will people think? Don’t make me swat you again!

Okay, Natane, we’ll be good. We really do love each other. We spend all day and all night together. Well almost. Sometimes one or the other of us will run into the room where Uncle Finny stays. It’s interesting in there.

Yeah, for about a minute, Smoke. The only thing that was really fun in there is sleeping on top that warm thing under Uncle Fin’s snuggly bed. It makes noise when lisa-mom pushes its buttons, but then it gets warm so we don’t mind the noise so much. One day lisa-mom came in and found both of us in Uncle Finny’s bed. Uncle Finny was sitting on the hard metal just looking sad. Lisa-mom scooped us up and made us leave. I bet Uncle Fin climbed right into his bed as soon as we were gone.

So anyway, now I’ll tell you more about Fire.

You better tell the truth!

I will, I will! Fire likes to run – he’s faster than me and really, he’s a little more coordinated when he runs than I am. But I’m the better jumper. Fire is also nicer to lisa-mom when she gives him kisses. He puts up with it and doesn’t try to get away. He told me he didn’t like it all that much, but he holds still. I told him he should kick and wiggle like I do.

Yeah, like that helps. She gives you kisses anyway and doesn’t put you down until she’s good and ready. And sometime she holds you extra long because you’re trying so hard to get away. I heard he tell you one day that she was going to hold you until you learned to like kisses.

Well, she didn’t, did she? Sometimes she does hold me extra long, but she always puts me down eventually. I just really don’t like to be held and kissed, okay? I’m hoping our new mom doesn’t think that boy kittens need kisses. I guess we’re going to find out soon ‘cause lisa-mom says our new Beth-mom is coming to get us tomorrow. We hope there’s going to be fleecy blankets and beds in our new house. And we hope there will be lots of wet food and toys. And most of all we hope our new mom and dad will love us ‘cause we know we’re loved here and we don’t want to leave if we’re not going to be loved.

Silly boys, of course you’ll be loved. Lisa-mom would never let any LostWoods kittens go live where they aren’t loved. I’m sure that your new mom and dad already love you. You’ll see.  

We believe you, Kefira-mom. We’re just kinda scared. We’re going to miss everyone, like you , our Auntie Kali and our Auntie Talia. So now can we go play? There are some toys in the basket that we haven’t played with yet and if we’re leaving tomorrow we better get back to trying them all out. What if there’s a really good one in there? It might be our new favorite!

Okay, my little boys, go play. But don’t forget to give me a few more snuggles before you leave. And maybe we can play chase tonight, too.


(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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