Much as I love living in an area that has four seasons, every year I’m more than ready for spring. The smallest signs excite me: the first crocus poking its head above the ground, the grass starting to turn green, the sound of birds in the morning. And now that I’m owned by a Wegie, there’s yet another sign to treasure: clumps of fur everywhere.

Yes, believe it or not, there are reasons to be thankful for spring shedding. With a little help from other Wegie people, I’ve compiled this Top Ten List of Reasons To Be Thankful for Spring Shedding.

10. Tabby marking that were obscured by all that undercoat are distinguishable again.

9. Wear and tear on the vacuum gives you a good reason to replace that cheap machine you bought when you were first married. “But, Honey, it’s the fifth time it’s died this spring!”

8. Plenty of floor insulation for those unexpected cold spells. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean winter is really over. At least not here in Colorado!

7. Cat cannot hide when it’s time to go to the vet for her annual checkup. Just follow the clumps of fur on the rug to her hiding place.

6. After last remnants of coat have been shed, collected, and disposed of, there is less work involved in picking stray cat hairs out of meals during preparation time.

5. Incentive to stop wearing those dark winter clothes. Pastels are not only fresh and spring-like, they hide hair much better!

4. Provides a distraction when guests drop by unexpectedly. They’re so busy gawking at the cat hair everywhere they don’t notice you haven’t dusted in two weeks. Could also be a mother-in-law visit repellant. (Just kidding, Dorothy!)

3. Volume of fur left on the floor is sufficient for making a removable coat for those summer shows when your Wegie is out of coat or when she's blown her coat due to being in heat.

2. After the coat is finally shed, you can kiss your cat without coming away looking as though you have a five o’clock shadow.

And the number 1 reason to be thankful for spring shedding is

1. Summer can’t be far away!

(Thanks to Melissa Petrek-Myer and Irene de Villiers for their additions to my original list.)

(--> Cat Tails, Pg8)

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