As Bria's due date got nearer I prepared a bed in my closet and confined Bria to my room. On the evening of August 31st, I came home from work and when I went to change my clothes, Bria darted out the door. I didn't think a little freedom would hurt. A few hours later, I picked her up to take her back to my room and much to my surprise she had just delivered a kitten -- right in the middle of the main floor of the house! I carefully carried mom and baby upstairs and the rest of the litter was delivered in the kitten bed. Bria is a wonderful new mommy and the babies all fat and healthy. I love their varied colors -- it is so easy to tell them apart since they are all different. :-) 

CH Wegiekatt Star Shadow of LostWoods X Vanir Abrianna of LostWoods


D.O.B: 31 August, 2004


15 weeks old

Wheel of Time Rulers - 14 weeks old

Galldrian su Riatin Rie (Golly Mon)

Cream mackerel tabby with white male

with white tail tip - Sold

Tenobia Kazadi (Nobie)

Blue-cream patch mactabby with white female - Sold

Mattin Stepaneos (Matt)

Silver mackerel tabby with white male with white tail tip - Sold

Alliandre Maritha Kigarin (Ali)

Silver patch mactabby with white female



(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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