Carbon copy? 

Talia & Megwyn

Sometimes the fur kids will pose for a litter shot -- and sometimes they won't!

I caught Treven and Gwena in the bathroom vanity drawer and thought it was cute... But when Treven climbed out, who should appear right behind him but Felara... And then Felara climbed out to reveal Megwyn! It reminded me of clowns climbing out of a circus car.
Meggie says, "I'm coming up!" Felara says, "Not if I can help it!" Meggie says, "Ha! Told you I was coming!"

(Please note that you will see a number of photos of our cats and kittens that I've taken outside in a natural setting. The LostWoods cats do NOT go outside unsupervised! When we do go outside for pictures and occasional adventures, there is always one person and usually two watching them closely. We do have an outside, fully enclosed run to which the older cats are allowed access, but even then we check on them often.)

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